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The definitive solution to prevent fuel theft in road goods transport


Handfleet is a Spanish company specialized in fuel anti-theft systems. It’s formed by a group of professionals with an important entrepreneur track record with a broad experience in deploying and installing technological solutions for trucks.
At current, fuel theft is a first level concern for the road goods transport. It creates insecurity to drivers, it implies damages to trucks that in many occasions are left out of service, and it supposes important economic losses for the sector, and it suppose a €20 B problem in the world. Present solutions fail to deliver an always on system that avoid material losses for the vehicles.
To address this situation, we have designed TSS (Truck Safe Services), a fuel theft prevention system for large vehicles that detects robberies before any fuel is stolen. It is protected by Patent 201730081 and includes smart sensors that can distinguish any vibration produced at any attempt of smuggling from the vibrations produced during the normal operation of the vehicle. It detects fuel theft even if it’s internal fraud. It can work as an autonomous Fleet Management System (FMS) or as an add-on of an existing one.
TSS offers the following Unique Selling Points USPs:
• It can prevent fuel theft attacks in all the situations of the trucks working cycle
• It can prevent internal fraud
• It can detect theft attempts before they occur avoiding material damages in the trucks
We will focus initially our effort in EU market where road goods transport activity has 315,948 M€ of turnover and is responsible of the creation of 2,892.2 million of jobs in this continent. And we will expand our activity later to other continents and to other sectors (passenger transport, agriculture, sail, etc.).
Our first estimations show that this platform will require an investment of 1.6 M euros, it would imply the creation of 18 jobs and a ROI of 11.3 in the first three years with full version working.

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