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A fully Robotic and 3D Printing solution for large scale building delivery

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Evo Constructor (A fully Robotic and 3D Printing solution for large scale building delivery)

Período documentado: 2019-05-01 hasta 2019-09-30

3D printing is an advanced manufacturing process that can produce complex shape geometries automatically from a 3D computer-aided design model. Now, it emerges as an automated manufacturing process that has been applied to the building sector, becoming a revolutionary technology to construct buildings or construction components. However, 3D printing will need so face many challenges before entering the market.
The Evo Constructor project arises as fully Robotic & 3D Printing solution for large scale building delivery, since it will allow to automate the vast majority of the constructive processes. Our patented solution consists of a specific 6-axis gantry robot controlled by a specific computer numerical control (CNC) that allows the use of several nozzles, different construction tools and a plurality of sensors at the same time. Evo Constructor provides significant improvements compared to the existing systems in the market and provides a lot of differences characteristics that allow to reach the great goal of being a complete automate system for on-site building constructions
To understand the great economic savings that our technology provides, it is possible to reduce the cost of the wall construction works by 65% compared to current manual methods, at a cost of less than 8-12 €/m2. Likewise, the workplace accidents and health risks are drastically reduced, and the waste generated is lessen by 90% vs 30-60% of the current 3D Printing systems because we automatize more tasks. Regarding the final costs of a typical construction work, it achieves cut down the cost from 750 to 525 €/m2 (30% savings).
Regarding the overall objectives of Evo Constructor project, we will complete the large-scale prototyping, testing and product industrialization stages required before we are able to offer our solution to companies of the building sector at international level.
We carried out an assessment of the feasibility of Evo Constructor. A summary of the main achievements is detailed below:
The technical feasibility assessment performed in Phase 1 has enabled us to review the key regulations necessary to consider in our technical development plan for the next 2 years to enter the European Market. We have also defined the design of the tools that will perform the different construction tasks taking into account the above-mentioned standards. Furthermore, we have established the suitable manufacturing materials for the implementation of our technology, according to the requirements of our machinery.
With a total value of more than € 6.3 bn revenues around the world, it is clear that there is a huge growth potential of our technology. We have also performed an FTO to identify the existent technologies, which could represent a risk for our project as well as to evaluate the right protection of our technology. In addition, we have identified our potential partners within the construction sector as well as the key suppliers which will enable us to overcome all the current challenges within the construction market, driven by the opportunities of the sector. Finally, we have established our market strategy for the commercialization of our product over the next 3 years, including a business model, analysing the price policy and cost structure.
The main conclusion of the financial feasibility analysis performed is the high profitability of Evo Constructor project. Our 3-years financial projections based on three sources of revenues (sales and renting of Evo Constructor as well as incomes from civil works), show a cumulative ROI of 449% considering an estimated total investment of €1.5 M. The financial analysis has also enabled us to elaborate a plan to gain interest among potential investors to promote Evo Constructor solution addressed to boost the visibility of Evo Constructor project. Finally, we have carried out a Human Resources Plan, which will allow us to avoid future weaknesses within our team that could jeopardize the commercialization of our solution.
Aware of the limitations of current 3D printing systems for construction, EVOCONS Constructora has developed Evo Constructor, which is a unique mobile gantry robot that allows to automate the vast majority of the constructive processes necessary for the execution of buildings and even other civil works. The implementation of Evo Constructor will comprise advantages in construction material (potential reduction of 85%), and hence less waste is produced (around 90% vs traditional methods), and time savings (50 %). Evo Constructor may also provide economic opportunities for new production processes, markets for 3D printing related products, as well as a changing demand for construction materials. These impacts, within the economic framework, will have direct influence on social and environmental as well.