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Unleashing future-facing urban hubs through culture and creativity-led strategies of transformative time

Project description

Heritage, culture and creativity for urban regeneration

The concept of urban regeneration includes efforts to reverse declining city physical structures and economies by identifying needs and challenges, and engaging all stakeholders and delivering tailored projects for sustainable new communities. The EU-funded T-Factor project questions the waiting time in urban regeneration. This is the time between an intervention request and its implementation to prove how culture, creative collaboration and stakeholder engagement can release vigorous urban centres of inclusive urban (re)generation, social innovation and business. The project considers early-stage regenerations in the historical centres of Amsterdam, Bilbao, Kaunas, Lisbon, London and Milan, and provides their public-private partnerships with a special ecosystem of capacity building for extensively new city-making projects.


T-Factor challenges the waiting time in urban regeneration - i.e. the time in-between the adoption of the masterplan and its actual realization - to demonstrate how culture, creative collaboration and wide engagement can unleash vibrant urban hubs of inclusive urban (re)generation, social innovation and enterprise. The project targets early stage regenerations in a diversity of historic urban areas in London, Bilbao, Amsterdam, Kaunas, Milan and Lisbon, and provides their PPPs with a unique ecosystem of capacity-building for radically new city-making approaches. Leveraging local coalitions of actors, we will use the masterplans of the targeted regenerations as the starting point to steer collective inquiry into their meanings and narratives, co-create visions of future spaces, and put them on stage via meanwhile uses and experiences. Throughout the process, culture and creativity will support voice and engagement, and help enrich and steer the masterplans towards heritage and culture-relevant innovation and enterprise, and social and cultural integration. Via trans-disciplinary action research, we will keep track of change, and build on the insights to add iteratively new layers of collective reflection and action. This learning by making will continuously inform masterplans and PPPs, consolidating, adjusting and providing new directions of urban development rooted in shared goals of sustainable city-making. T-Factor will work as an international community of practice, delivering an innovative city-mentoring model which will create multiple collaborations between the pilot cities, advance cultural and creative hubs, universities, enterprises and social organizations partnering the project, so as to shape an international movement of capacity-building and knowledge co-creation for the transformative time in urban regeneration leveraging heritage, culture and creativity.

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