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Infobel Business Data Hub = GET + USE + IMPROVE

Project description

Affordable data management in the cloud

Harnessing huge volumes of machine data has never been more challenging or more critical to businesses than it is today. The EU-funded project Infobel has developed a cloud-based solution called Infobel Data Hub that processes and delivers actionable data at low cost. With more than 184 million data points on businesses and individuals, it can process 500 million requests per day in less than a second each. The project aims to increase competitiveness of companies, allowing for a drastic 80 % reduction in time and up to 30 % in costs. The project's forecast is to build a client network of 2 000 companies in three years, generating revenues in excess of EUR 10 million by 2025.


Infobel Data Hub is a cloud-based solution that processes requests and delivers actInfobel Data Hub is a cloud-based solution that processes requests and delivers actionable data at low cost to the user. It can deliver standalone data sets or generate reports and dashboards. It currently has more than 184 million data points on businesses and individuals; and it has been tested to process 0.5 billion requests per day in less than a second each.
We are already selling services using the underlying ‘Maestro’ platform powering the Data Hub. The platform’s versatility (it was developed from the ground up to be able to handle any kind of script and deliver data in any format) has reduced by 80% the total workload of our developers. This significantly reduced our cost structure allowing us to pass on the savings to clients.
Big companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Orange and Yelp are current clients; however, the Maestro platform breakthrough will allow Infobel to offer the same (and new) services to SMEs at an unmatched price point. The next steps are to develop APIs and APPs that use the platform to deliver business insights for any client.
Infobel Data Hub will offer services via subscription, with monthly tariffs that adapt flexibly to all our customers’ needs and finances, from start-ups to large enterprises and through one-time transactions. We will reach our clients directly by expanding our sales force in other countries, and through resellers and licensers.
The Data Hub will increase companies’ competitiveness, including 80% reduction of time spent on data cleaning, integration & enrichment and 15-30% cost reduction in the general data analytics process. Infobel Data Hub particularly supports SMEs, which are at disadvantage as they lack the expertise to do their own data analytics, do not have access to the right data or the resources to buy expensive data platforms. Our forecast is to have 2,000 clients in 3 years, generating revenues of €10.5M by 2025.

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