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Capacity-building in Arctic standardisation development

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Best practices for environmental monitoring in the Arctic

The ongoing climate change in the Arctic causes a reduction of the sea ice cover, which improves access to the region and its resources. As a result new opportunities for development emerge, regarding exploration of natural resources, tourism, transport, and other industries. The EU-funded project CAPARDUS is a coordination and support action aimed at capacity-building to support sustainable development in the Arctic. The project will develop a 'Comprehensive Framework Model' for Arctic standards with a focus on environmental monitoring. This is a collaborative effort between scientists, local communities and other stakeholder groups, including economic actors who are interested in business development in the Arctic. The project will design an Arctic Best Practice System for development of standards across scientific disciplines and stakeholder groups.


CAPARDUS is a CSA project under H2020 with focus on capacity-building to develop guidelines, practices and standards in selected Arctic topics. These include data collection and management related to natural resource management, tourism, safety, community planning and decision making. The project develops a framework for development of standards as a collaborative effort between scientists, local communities and other stakeholder groups involved in the case studies in Greenland and Svalbard, with contribution from studies in Alaska and Yakutia in Russia. The project organizes a number of workshops, dialogue meetings and research schools as part of case studies in local communities, showing how the social-environmental systems are changing Arctic communities and what are the drivers for these changes. The climate change and its consequences in the Arctic leads to new requirements for planning and decision-making based on scientific and economic data, assessments and predictions. A prerequisite for good planning is access to data and information of relevance to the operators in the Arctic. CAPARDUS promotes and supports the Community-Based Monitoring and Citizen science as a contribution to data collection and knowledge building. The project will provide requirements and recommendations for an Arctic Practice System to the benefit of both local communities and other actors in the Arctic. At the end CAPARDUS will summarize the emergence of guidelines, practices and standards, supporting a sustainable development in the Arctic.

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