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Earth Observation Services for Fishery, Bivalves Mariculture and Oysterground Restoration along European Coasts

Project description

Surveying marine activities from above

Copernicus Earth Observation programme supports market development and offers valuable services in a wide range of sectors such as marine activities. The EU-funded FORCOAST project will develop, test and prove innovative downstream information services based on the Copernicus programme that will offer high resolution information in the sectors of wild fisheries, oyster grounds restoration and bivalve mariculture. The proposal integrates Copernicus Observation products with local patterns, diverse data sources and ICT through different stakeholders. FORCOAST will offer regular coastal data products based on a data processing design. This service aims to improve the planning and management of different marine activities. It will be tested in eight pilot sites in different European regional waters.


The FORCOAST project addresses the topic “DT-SPACE-01-EO-2018-2020 COPERNICUS MARKET UPTAKE” which seeks to foster market development exploiting the value of Copernicus Earth Observation Products. FORCOAST aims to provide information services that offer high resolution water quality and met-ocean indicators in coastal and nearshore areas, to improve operation, planning and management of different marine activities in the sectors of wild fisheries, oystergrounds restoration, and bivalve mariculture. FORCOAST information products and services will be co-designed with stakeholders, thereby ensuring that these products and services are tailored to meet their needs.
FORCOAST is developing, testing and demonstrating, in operational mode, novel Copernicus-based downstream information services that will incorporate Copernicus Marine, Land and Climate Services Products, local monitoring data and advanced modelling in the service. The services will integrate Copernicus Earth Observation Products with local models and other diverse data sources (local, regional or global) with ICT (enhancing new frontiers opened by web, and use of cloud) across the different market segments. FORCOAST will provide consistent coastal data products, based on a standardized data processing scheme. FORCOAST is supporting the concept of developing an advanced platform and cloud computing for Copernicus-based downstream services utilizing one of the DIAS systems. The availability and accessibility of data and derived products generated will stimulate their exploitation by a wide range of user communities in the targeted sectors. FORCOAST will provide those services in eight pilot service uptake sites covering five different regional waters (North Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and the coastal Atlantic Ocean).

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