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European Holocaust Research Infrastructure

Resultado final

Geographic layer over the EHRI portal

Users can approach data through map and analyse it using geographic tools (T10.1 and 10.2)

Implementation of EHRI services for micro-archives (in iterations)

T11.2 will iteratively develop dedicated services for micro-archival communities with final implementation by M36.

Thematic dashboards

Technical implementation and testing of the Dashboard (T10.2)

Guidelines for integrating regional communities and related initiatives and integrating new research communities

The WP will develop guidelines for integrating regional communities related initiatives and integrating new research communities in four particular countries Poland Slovakia Italy and Romania

Launch of Massive Open Online Course

Launch of the Massive Open Online Course and report on its content-related and technical set-up.

Publication repository

In addition to the document repository using other successful repositories of publications as a model a repository will be designed for the hosting and storage of the full text of articles relating to Holocaust research and the use of digital methods in Holocaust studies that will be accessible to EHRI stakeholders

Guidelines for supporting local Holocaust research and archive networks

This deliverable will reflect the results of the activities undertaken in T42 between M1M14 which will develop an EHRI ambassador network including a work methodology a portfolio of services and a marketing methodology for the EHRI mobile experts lab

Report on impact of GDPR

An assessment of partners experiences with the implementation of the GDPR and its consequences for their archival practices

Report on long-term preservation of Holocaust digital objects: localised assessments and consultancy

This deliverable will gather, through a combination of interviews, surveys, and selfassessment instruments, a set of factors and conditions affecting long-term viability of Holocaust data objects. A number of institutions, including large and small, and including EHRI itself, will be contacted and encouraged to participate, anonymously if necessary. A report of findings will be delivered in M36.

Updated Data Management Plan

The initial Data Management Plan, which will be created in M6, will be updated in M36.

EHRI-3 Data Management Plan

This deliverable will form the basis of a comprehensive EHRI3 Data Management Plan regulating the collection creation curation preservation and reusage of EHRI datasets


Why to Tie to a Single Data Mapping Language? Enabling a Transformation from ShExML to RML

Autores: García González, Herminio; Dimou, Anastasia
Publicado en:, Edición 1, 2022
Editor: CEUR-WS

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