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Trusted Secure Data Sharing Space


Data Marketplaces with Interoperability Solution I

The first version of a series of three deliverables (D3.4, D3.5, D3.6) will summarize the integration requirements as well as guidelines for both the TRUSTS Platform to interact with existing platforms, the EOSC, and for future platforms to integrate with TRUSTS.

Legal and Ethical Requirements

This deliverable will provide an analysis of the legal and ethical frameworks and challenges relevant to the project in order to derive project-specific legal and ethical requirements.

Communities engagement strategy

This report describes our strategy to widen the community around the platform and how to attract new stakeholders during the project and beyond its life time. It includes the presentation of a set of KPIs supporting the stakeholders acquisition process.

Data Governance, TRUSTS Knowledge Graph I

The deliverable contains the definition and specification of the Semantic layer, its utilized taxonomies, ontologies and metadata schemas. In addition, it elaborates on how the semantic layer supports the functionality of the TRUSTS platform.

Concept for training and capacity building programme

Concept for TRUSTS training programme in place to foster data (science) related skills for capacity building in Europe’s data economy.

Industry specific requirements analysis, definition of the vertical E2E data marketplace functionality and use cases definition I

Interim version of reports containing the detailed analysis of the requirements for a commercial financial and operators’ industry vertical data marketplace platform and the use cases definition including the target KPIs that would set the benchmarking for the actual measurements.

Business plan and Implementation action plan I

This document describes the strategy of the consortium to transform the platform into a sustainable ecosystem and the TRUSTS business plan (business target, services, pricing, costs, remuneration of partners, etc.).

Dissemination and communication Strategy, design guide, materials and communication channels

This deliverable will revisit and update the communication plan and strategy, and establish impact measurement instruments and strategies. It will also comprise a solid design guide depicting the branding and visual language the project will use. In line with this, the main PR materials are produced and the first iteration of the main project website and social media channels is established.

Sustainable business model for TRUSTS data marketplace I

Report describing the designed business model to sustain TRUSTS after the project end. It will focus on the taxonomy for data marketplace business models.

Pilot planning and operational management reports I

The deliverable contains the implementation and testing plan for the pilots, updated at the end of each demonstration phase period.

Architecture design and technical specifications document I

First version of the periodically updated report on the TRUSTS platform specification that is based on the results communicated in D2.1 and D2.2 and D2.3. The document describes the architectural decisions taken and their rationale. Furthermore, D2.6 will in addition report on the application of the testing and benchmarking framework provided by T2.3.

Supporting mechanisms for Intellectual Property Rights Protection and Data Stewardship I

For D7.4 and D7.5 we will conduct 3 workshops with stakeholders of the Data Market Austria (data owners / providers, data users / buyers, data aggregators / resellers) on their practical challenges and perspectives regards IPR protection and Data Stewardship. A report will be drafted, outlining related (1) legal requirements to be embedded in the platform's terms of use, (2) defined mechanisms to report suspected IP infringement, (3) proposed onboarding IPR protection information and education requirements for TRUSTS user groups, (4) proposed Data Stewardship support services for different (potential) data provider groups to optimize eased attraction and onboarding of (SME) data providers.

TRUSTS Infrastructure II

The second and updated version of D3.1 consists of documents that provide an overview on the services of the infrastructure and guidelines how to use it in the TRUSTS context. The infrastructure will be continuously improved with updated report in M12.

TRUSTS Infrastructure I

The first version of this deliverable consists of documents that provide an overview on the services of the infrastructure and guidelines how to use it in the TRUSTS context. This version will be available in M3 so that development can use the most crucial services as soon as possible. The infrastructure will be continuously improved with updated report in M12.

Methodologies for the technological/business validation of use case results I

First version of the two reports defining the methodologies for the technological and business validation of the TRUSTS platform within and across each vertical use case. They also include the definition of test reports format and benchmarking for the validation of the KPIs.

Annual Public Report I

Report on the project’s progress, targeting the general public. The report will focus on the impact of the conducted work

Annual Dissemination Report I

The annual dissemination report collects, analyses and reviews the dissemination activities undertaken by the consortium and gives feedback to the consortium partners to coordinate and structure the dissemination of the project as a whole.

Technical & Quality Assurance & Risk Assessment Plan

The plan will incorporate details on the quality assurance processes adopted within TRUSTS. It will define all processes and instruments to be used for the regular quality monitoring and risk assessment in the form of a handbook.

Definition and analysis of the EU and worldwide data market trends and industrial needs for growth

Report containing the detailed analysis of the EU & worldwide data (market) economy (regulatory framework, trends, growth rates, best practises et al) especially in financial and operator industries where the growth requires the establishment of data marketplaces as catalysts as well as the respective regulatory and standardization state of the art and trends.

Research Ethics

This deliverable will provide all information regarding the compliance of the project research activities with research ethics and, in particular, with the H2020 Programme Ethics Guidance.

Innovation Impact Assurance I

Continuous interactions with all work packages and tasks. Regular checkpoints, coordinated with project management.

Profiles and Brokerage I

This deliverable constitutes demonstrator systems that show practical application of the developed algorithms with production data. It identifies suitable recommendation use cases and applicable algorithms and datasets to support them, as well as a proof-of concept demonstrator.

Website update, materials

This deliverable reconsiders the website in light of the research undertaken in WP 2-6 as well as the realization of the use cases. Materials (posters, leaflets, etc.) are produced based on the insights developed. The Website will host also the ongoing collection of stakeholder analysis.


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