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Transparent And Resilient Gender Equality Through Integrated Monitoring Planning and Implementation


TARGETED-MPI Evaluation plan

This deliverable presents the methodology for assessing the performance of the GEPs that will be implemented in each TARGETEDMPIparticipating organisation and for the evaluation of the implemented GEPs and outlines the evaluation methodology and procedures including the evaluation indicators and targets

Synthesis of GE SoAs and SoPs

This deliverable constitutes the synthesis of the StateoftheArt SoA literature and StateofPractice SoP review on Gender Equality and Gender Equality Plan development and implementation in researchperforming and researchfunding organisations

Green Paper: GE issues in European B&M schools

This deliverable constitutes a Green Paper on Gender Equality issues in European Business and Management BM schools

Policy brief 1

This deliverable constitutes the First Policy Brief prepared at the end of the first reporting period

Tools and guidelines for developing GEPs

This deliverable presents the tools templates and guidelines that will be used for developing the Gender Equality Plans GEPs eg action plan templates and feasibility check templates and the cultural web guidelines and guidelines for developing GEPs

Website, Knowledge Management Hub and Social Media

This deliverable constitutes the TARGETEDMPI website Knowledge Management Hub and social media presence

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