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Building capacity in Southeast Europe

To create sustainable growth, Europe is building and funding ecosystems for co-creation. Promoting cross-border collaborations between academia and industry and taking knowledge transfer to the next level is essential. The EU-funded SMART4ALL project will develop a new paradigm to uncover the so-called hidden innovation treasures in Southeast Europe (SEE). Specifically, it will develop an active network of digital innovation hubs (DIHs) with the aim of supporting academics, startups, SMEs and mid-caps entering the digitisation era. The project will introduce the concept of marketplace-as-a-service (MaaS), which can serve as a one-stop-smart-shop offering tools, services and platforms based on open-source technology. Overall, the project will work to enhance regionality for community building, synchronising European and national development strategies to bring new products and business ideas originated from SEE to the market.


SMART4ALL builds capacity amongst European stakeholders via the development of selfsustained, cross-border experiments that transfer knowledge and technology between academia and industry. It targets CLEC CPS and the IoT and combines a set of unique characteristics that join together under a common vision different cultures, different policies, different geographical areas and different application domains. SMART4ALL brings a new paradigm for revealing “hidden innovation treasures” from SEE and helping them to find the path to market via new, innovative commercial products. As part of its strategy, the project will develop and maintain an active network of DIHs across SEE for supporting academics, start-ups, SMEs, and mid-caps entering the digitization era. The mechanisms for achieving this are the design and implementation of 88 cross-border PAEs that will be executed by the consortium members and by 3rd party consortia (academics, companies and mid-caps). The latter will be supported via well-defined regular open calls and will have a day-by-day coaching by SMART4ALL consortium for boosting the research ideas to successful products. PAEs will be actively supported by SMART4ALL DIH cluster throughout and after their execution. The targeted application areas are domains that are not adequately represented in current SAE projects and include digitized environment, digitized agriculture, digitized anything and digitized transport. SMART4ALL introduces also the concept of marketplace-as-a-service (MaaS) that acts as one-stop-smart-stop of SMART4ALL DIH cluster for offering tools, services, platforms based mainly on open sources technologies as well as technology suppliers-adopter matchmaking capabilities customized to the four thematic pillars of the project. Finally, SMART4ALL plans horizontal activities that will support the Digital Skills Agenda of EC and the support of sensitive social groups via ideas and products that have significant impact on their lives.

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