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Active Interest for Multimedia with Field-Emission Display


The objective of AIMFED is to develop an industrial technology for the mass production of colour flat-panel display based on field emission (FED). For this purpose a consortium of organisations with very strong qualifications in the area FEDs has been assembled around Pixel International, a European Star-up founded for the commercial exploitation of FED technology.

Flat-panel display users including Olivetti, a world-leading company in the area of personal microsystems, as well as Alcatel Business Systems, Alenia, and Siab, will define the requirement specification for the displays, with technical as well as cost objectives.

Within AIMFED, all elemental technologies for FEDs will be enhanced to established a strong base for industrial exploitation. This involves advancing the state of the art no only process technologies, but equipment and materials technologies as well.

Processes technology development for anode and cathode will be lead by LETI, which holds a very strong set of patents for FED technology. The LETI technology will be further developed with contribution in the area of plasma etching by FhG-ISit, and installation of the technology in a pilot line by Pixel International.

Mix-mode custom IC technology at MIETEC will be used to design the drivers to generate anode and cathode control signals from image data coming from the Microsystem.

Large-area FEDs set high challenges for mainstream microelectronics lithography techniques. As it is likely that optical reduction stepper technology will not be economical for low-cost FEDs, AIMFED is proposing to advance the very promising equipment technology combination of Holtronic's holographic 1X printing equipment and Micronic's large area mask making equipment to bring an economical solution to the lithography requirements of large area FEDs.

High performance, long-life FEDs will require progress in the areas of phosphor and getter technologies. AIMFED includes the participation of Rhone Poulenc, know as a world leader in the area of rare earth materials for phosphor applications, and Saes Getter, the undisputed Number 1 world supplier of getter for CRTs.

Relying on cooperation within a very competent team with undisputed background know-how, the goal of AIMFED is to demonstrate pilot prototype capability for of 12" Colour XGA displays (or equivalent) within 24 months from project start.


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