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Boosting Widening Digital Innovation Hubs

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'SmartAnythingEverywhere' initiatives

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for digital innovation hubs. Moreover, there is a demand for digital innovation hubs to increase their capacity to support the uptake of the so-called 'SmartAnythingEverywhere' initatives (SAE/I4MS). Failing to do this, the European industry could be at a major disadvantage. The EU-funded BOWI project aims to develop a digital innovation hub widening network that will support the cooperation of new and old digital innovation hubs. It will strengthen proto-hubs with experiments, facilitate the collaboration between proto-hubs and mature hubs, ensure the sustainability of the BOWI network with its financing model and create the network's community with the participation of proto-hubs, mature hubs, regional stakeholders and investors to bring energetic support for SAE/I4MS technologies.


BOWI project addresses the challenge of limited capacities among DIHs to support the uptake of SAE/I4MS technologies during the last 7 years in the European industry at large. The overall aim of the project is to create a DIH widening network that supports the collaboration of new DIHs (proto-hubs) in regions where SAE and I4MS technologies are underrepresented and well-established DIHs that are highly experienced in these technologies (mature hubs). BOWI takes the first step towards creating a fully sustainable post-project network by:
1. Strengthening proto-hubs by carrying out actual experiments and facilitating the collaboration between proto-hubs and mature hubs;
2. Ensuring sustainability of BOWI network by developing a blended financing accelerator and membership model;
3. Creating the BOWI community, initiating the participation of proto-hubs, mature hubs, regional stakeholders, and investors.
The mechanism will be first tested by supporting 6 pioneer proto-hubs (pioneer stage), which will be later extended to 9 proto-hubs in the second full-fledged strengthening stage, allowing new members of the EU DIH community to participate, including the proto-hubs and mature hubs that are currently not part of the consortium. The post-project BOWI network business model is to be explored, including service and funding needs. To ensure practical experience, all 15 proto-hubs will be supported to conduct 60 (15x4) SAE/I4MS uptake experiments with SMEs in total. For this purpose, an extensive FSTP approach will be used.
The consortium includes experienced partners that participate intensively in the SAE/I4MS strategies (Civitta, FBA, VTT, and RWTH). They are complemented by 6 proto-hubs from various countries that act as pioneer hubs to test and validate approaches (TIT, LITC, UWB, KTP, NTNU, ICT).

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