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Emerging indUstries new value chains boosted by small Flying Objects

Project description

Business opportunities offered by small flying objects

The rise in the use of small flying objects in combination with the key enabling technologies embedded into them opens new business opportunities and adds value to related applications. The EU-funded UFO project is deployed around two hypotheses: firstly, that business opportunities emerge through the combination of space data with digital technologies and other data sources; and secondly, that the role SMEs play in value-added applications in the EU is instrumental. The consortium that runs the project will establish clusters composed by SMEs, large groups, and other research and innovation actors as central to create links between data and information product providers that transform raw data into valued information.


The UFO project is based on two main assumptions. First, business opportunities lie in the combination of space data with digital technologies and other sources of data. Embedded Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) into small flying objects (SFOs - drones, small satellites, high altitude platforms) represent a great opportunity to collect additional aerospace data, especially to drive the Artificial Intelligence revolution for various global applications. Second, the value added applications in Europe are mostly driven by SMEs. Thus, the UFO project aims at fostering the development of cross-sectoral industrial value chains between 6 emerging industries (Mobility technologies, Environmental, Blue Growth, Digital, Experience and Cultural and Creative industries), SFOs, embedded KETs and data analysis and exploitation solutions stimulating the development of new products and services by SMEs. To achieve this, the consortium provides a systemic and strategic vision. Clusters, which gather SMEs, large groups, R&D actors, and other innovation entities, are crucial to create links between different value chains, basically the data providers and the information product providers that turn raw data into valuable information. The UFO consortium and associate partner consisting of 8 emerging industry clusters including 5 SFOs, embedded KETs, ICT clusters, representing more than 1000 SMEs throughout 6 different EU countries and sectors. The partners have the capacity to carry such actions as they will foster partnerships between the different links (their members) of value chains and provide them incentives through the launch of call for proposals providing Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP) and innovation services provided by clusters. They represent some of Europe’s most dynamic clusters including Gold and Bronze labelled ones with a history of cooperation, a track record of supporting innovation actions for SMEs.

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