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Humanity in Digital Communication


Every minute, people across the world are making billions of virtual connections –for work, for entertainment, for information and for social communication. However, most of these interactions are still missing core human attributes – such as emotion, empathy, and nuance – that are critical to connection and understanding. Creating realistic avatars is hard and until today it has required large production teams of experienced artists, engineers and expensive software, being almost exclusively domain of Hollywood and AAA games.
All of the market conditions are present to create authentic virtual interactions through 3D avatars, but until now, there was no scalable way to deliver them. Didimo is the leading creator of high-fidelity digital humans – “didimo”. Our technology brings authenticity to virtual interactions. Didimo streamlines the production of characters at scale. From a single smartphone photo or scan our software creates a ready-to-animate avatar shortening the production process from hundreds of hours (at least 420) to less than a minute (30 seconds!).
Our software automates all stages of character creation into a one-click experience seamlessly embedded in our partners' apps. By integrating our software, in just a few seconds, our customers can deliver to their users a digital version of themselves – their “didimos”, that look, speak, and act like them – for use in a range of mixed reality experiences.
This 3D virtual self will be available to use in any digital environment, to improve everyday online interaction for all users, and to go one step further to address the pain points specific to online businesses and their customers. Particularly, the financial losses due to product returns, resulting from the impossibility to try fashion items, affecting the retail sector; and the costs and time to generate 3D contents, affecting the mobile sector.

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