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Building the fully European supplY chain on RFSOI, enabling New RF Domains for Sensing, Communication, 5G and beyond

Project description

Ready for the future: European supply chain for RF-SOI

The world is rapidly changing with advanced technologies such as radio-frequency electronics and IoT. To stay competitive, Europe must be ready to apply its own strategy to secure sustainability, development and social well-being for the future. To that end, the EU-funded BEYOND5 project will offer the first European industrial roadmaps for adding connectivity and functionality features on existing CMOS technology. It will bring together significant European actors from the entire value chain, from materials and semiconductor technologies to the systems, to build a complete European supply chain for RF electronics, enabling new RF domains for sensing, communication, 5G radio infrastructure and beyond. Ultimately, the project will allow a high-scale integration for reduced consumption of power and costs, leading to the production of reliable and environmentally friendly components.


The overarching goal of BEYOND5 is to build a completely European supply chain for Radio-Frequency Electronics enabling new RF domains for sensing, communication, 5G radio infrastructure and beyond.
BEYOND5 is first and foremost a technology project gathering most significant European actors covering the entire value chain from materials, semiconductor technologies, designs and components up to the systems.
BEYOND5 will drive industrial roadmaps in More than Moore (MtM) in adding connectivity features on existing CMOS Technology. The ambition is to accomplish sustainable Radio Frequency SOI platforms to cover the frequency range from 0.7GHz to more than 100GHz, and to demonstrate the technical advantage of SOI, which allows combining large scale integration, low power consumption, cost competitiveness and higher reliability; thus, resulting in high volume production of trusted components with low environmental impact in Europe.
This objective will be achieved in a “Time to Market” approach using the 3 major work streams:
1. Technology enhancement in three European industrial pilot lines:
• 300mm RF SOI substrates pilot line in Soitec, supported by the “Substrate Innovation Center” in CEA LETI to prepare future generations.
• RF-SOI 65nm pilot line for 5G FEM in ST addressing both sub-6GHz and 28GHz domains.
• 22FDX pilot line addressing Digital Signal Processing of radio module and RF reliability, in GF
2. European RF design ecosystem strengthening, based on a large fabless community using FD-SOI and RF-SOI platforms
3. Six Leading edge systems aggregating the value chain to demonstrate added-value of the technology at the user level:
• NB IoT for Smart Asset Tracking,
• Contactless USB for high-data rate communication,
• V2X for autonomous connected trucks,
• 5G Low Power Digital Beamforming Base Station for Indoor dense spaces,
• Automotive MIMO Radar with embedded AI,
• Car Interior Radar for passenger monitoring.

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