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SW application for smartphones enabling accurate and easy-to-use 3D body scanning for digitalized design and production process in fashion and textile industry.

Project description

The fitting room of the future

The fashion industry – a trillion-dollar global enterprise – is becoming more and more high-tech than ever before. From the invention of the sewing machine to the robotic hands used to cut fabric and the big bang expansion of e-commerce, technology is forever shaping how our clothes are designed, manufactured and marketed. The EU-funded AVATAR project is focussing on the fitting room. It is developing the first 3D body scanning application for smartphones, allowing users to scan their body and create their own 3D avatar – a digital representation of a human body. They will use this to visualise any apparel decorating it. The technology will help designers and producers digitalise production lines and improve customer experience.


Project AVATAR aims at disruptive innovation for textile and fashion industry. This industry, having the volume close to USD 1 trillion worldwide, significantly impacts the global economy and environment. As many other traditional manufacturing sectors, it has been affected by new digital technologies recently. Thanks to them, fashion producers can economise the whole chain of their activities from idea generation to marketing of the products. Computer-based virtualisation facilitates the idea generation, design and production of clothing, which in turn reduces the number of physical patterns and used sources (namely time of involved people). However, one basic element is still missing in this chain: accurate and handy body-scanning.
AVATAR project aims at development of the first 3D body scanning application for smartphones with best-in-class accuracy, which will make 360° body scan and precisely measure a person in real time. Its use will make possible for smartphone owner to create his/her own 3D avatar (digital representation of a human body) and then digitally visualize any apparel decorating it.
Fundamental challenge for fashion brands today is their lag behind consumers’ expectations. Whereas in the past, producers dictated the supply, today's markets are increasingly influenced by individualized consumer demands. AVATAR product will help designers and producers to digitalize fully their production line and thus increase revolutionary efficiency and improve offer to consumers. This will bring positive change to all segments of the textile and fashion industry, including enhancement in the e-commerce area. By contributing to more efficient use of resources it will have also positive impact on the environment protection.
Competitive advantage of the proposed solution to other (existing or expected) mobile scanning applications will be the best-in-class accuracy combined with user friendliness. Being a SW application, scaling of the product is straightforward.

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