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Regaining health through Salmon discards

Project description

Essential amino acids recovered from Atlantic salmon waste

Increasing consumer demand for protein-rich foods is matched by growing interest in the production of fish protein hydrolysates. Norway’s Zymtech Life Sciences AS developed a natural process to transform salmon off-cuts (waste) into a natural supplement called AMIZATE®) that is easily absorbed by the human body. It contains approximately 75 % amino acids and short peptides, 60 % of which are in the form of free amino acids. Specifically, Zymtech Life Sciences use a proprietary enzymatic process that extracts amino acids, short peptides, and micronutrients from Atlantic salmon to develop the supplement. The EU-funded Salmino project will lay the groundwork to recover nutrition from 940 tonnes of salmon off-cuts that could hasten patient recovery and restore good health.


"Nowadays, there's an increasing interest from consumers for protein-rich foods and protein supplements, particularly from certain segments of the population requiring an enhanced muscle/metabolic recovery (elderly suffering from sarcopenia, sport practitioners, cancer patients...). However, protein digestion is slow, long and energy consuming. As a result, the expected health/muscle benefits from protein intake take too long to be perceived. Protein hydrolysates instead, deliver the protein ""pre-digested"" so that it can be readily absorbable and released into the bloodstream, however this is often not the case with protein hydrolysates on the market, which take too long to be absorbed (their degree of hydrolysis/""pre-digestion"" is low so product is closer to intact protein) and their efficacy is not backed by clinical studies.
We, Zymtech Life Sciences AS, have developed a natural process (2 patent families) to transform salmon off-cuts (“waste”) into a nutritional supplement (called AMIZATE®) that incorporates all the amino acids, in balanced proportions, that actually match those found in human body proteins. As a result, Amizate provides a source of free form amino acids, short chain peptides and nutrients that are absorbed by the human body 50% faster than any other protein supplement. In contrast to most protein supplements on the market, Amizate has been clinically tested and proven to play a crucial role in patients recovering from illness and surgery, malnutrition, fostering healthy ageing and improving performance in sports practitioners.
Amizate will enable a fast recovery to all those individuals weakened by disease, sarcopenia or strenuous exercise, will be a preventive solution that will be able to alleviate costs for the healthcare system from other stronger medications and/or treatments.
This project will allow to recover in just three years 940 tons from the waste streams of the salmon processing industry to be upcycled for human nutrition"

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