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Multi-Function Interface Systems


The objectives of AMFIS is to provide for advanced analogue signal processing blocks, that will be proven by means of characteristic demonstrators to be incorporated in relevant industrial products.

These mixed analogue/digital demonstrators cover a broad range of applications in the industrial and communications area and for all of them is the performance of the analogue part vital for a successful implementation in the industrial product.

The advanced analogue signal processing blocks, that will become available in the course of the project, are divided in three parts:

- analogue processing and support blocks
- analogue to digital conversion blocks
- digital to analogue conversion blocks.

The convertors can be further split up in two classes: full Nyquist convertors for high speed and resolution, and over-sampling convertors for very high accuracy and linearity requirements.

The development of both the demonstrators and the advanced analogue blocks follow similar paths: first specification and partitioning or architecture definition, then design and layout manufacturing and finally evaluation and documentation.

The documentation is considered as a very important stage in the design of the different analogue signal processing functions. This documentation will be the basis of the re-usability of the functions and also for the dissemination of the results. Several levels of detail in the documentation will be provided for in the course of the project.


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