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Translation for breaking language barriers in the railway field

Resultado final

Enhanced list of pre-defined messages

The deliverable will provide an enhanced list of standardised/pre-defined messages based on real operational concepts allowing a communication between RU drivers and IM traffic controllers in all operational situations on cross border sections.

Guidelines for implementation and description of the pilots

A standard methodology to run pilots that will test the messages. This methodology will include normal operations and also the creation of disruptive situations.


The deliverable will provide a benchmark within different industries and services (for instance in the construction and health fields), in the railway sector and in possible future pilots in the framework of the revised Annex VI to Directive 2007/59/EC.

Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation plan including project logo, website, project leaflet and social media accounts

The communication, Dissemination and Exploitation plan will include the action plan for reaching the target audiences. It will focus on time planning of the various activities in this WP and on defining communication strategies in order to maximise the impact of the Translate4Rail dissemination and exploitation. The plan will be updated in M12 and in M24 if needed.

Tool Requirements

Tool Requirements will be made available to the RUs and IMs community. The preliminary version of the specifications will be ready in M4, and the final submission of the deliverable will be on M19.

Recommendation guideline for implementation and analysis of uptake perspectives at European level

This deliverable will consolidate the output of T22 and T23 gathering inputs on pilot campaigns capitalisation of experience and analysis of uptake perspectives at European level which will include the analysis of possible obstacles

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