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Feasibility demonstration of 3D printing for a new efficient production method of mm-wave waveGUIDE antenna


Plan for the Communication and Dissemination of Results

Description of the project communication and dissemination strategy, including identification of all dissemination channels and definition of goals and performance indicators to follow the progress towards them. The document summarises the beneficiaries’ strategy and concrete actions related to the communication, dissemination, and protection of the project results. This document is a living document and will be updated/confirmed as part of the Periodic and Final Reporting of the project, meaning at each periodic time.

Communication and Dissemination Report

Final report on communication and dissemination of the 3DGUIDE project

Demonstrator hardware

Complete 3D printed antenna array It includes antenna array elements feeding network with one common input waveguide port

Data Management Plan (DMP)

The DMP describes the data management life cycle for the data (i.e. underlying data needed to validate results presented in scientific publications) to be collected, processed and/or generated by the project. The DMP is a living document and will be updated/confirmed as part of the Periodic and Final Reporting of the project, meaning at each periodic time.


A cost-effective production method for high-precision mm-wave waveguide antennas and components

Auteurs: A. Vorobyov, S.Unterhofer, O. Sereda
Publié dans: UkRMW 2022, 2022
Éditeur: UkRMW, IEEE

Additive manufacturing of smart waveguide:comparison between three alloys, Bronze, Al-Si andScalmalloy

Auteurs: Mr UNTERHOFER, Samuel ; Dr SEREDA, Olha; Dr LANI, Sébastien; Dr VOROBYOV, Oleksandr; Prof. DADRAS, Mohammad Mehdi
Publié dans: 2021
Éditeur: EUROMAT 2021

Manufacturing and testing of a 94GHz linear slot array designed by the MoM-FMP techniquie

Auteurs: I. Montesinos-Ortego, M. García-Peña, B. Galocha-Iragüen, M. Sierra-Castañer
Publié dans: EuCAP 2022, 2022, Page(s) 4
Éditeur: EuCAP, IEEEE
DOI: 10.23919/eucap53622.2022.9769077

A new efficient production method of mmwave components used in enhanced flight vision system

Auteurs: A.Vorobyov, S. Unterhofer, I. Montesinos, M. Dadras, M. Sierra, F. Kroll, O. Sereda
Publié dans: TSAS 2022, 2022
Éditeur: TSAS 2022

Additive manufacturing of smart waveguide: comparison between three alloys, Bronze, Al-Si and Scalmalloy

Auteurs: UNTERHOFER Samuel; VOROBYOV Oleksandr; SEREDA Olha
Publié dans: EUROMAT 2021, 2021
Éditeur: EUROMAT 2021
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6371404

Metallic Additive Manufacturing Technologies for 3D Shaped Millimeter Wave Components Production

Auteurs: A. Vorobyov, S. Unterhofer, M. Dadras, O. Sereda
Publié dans: 2022, Page(s) 1
Éditeur: CSEM

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