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BIOSWITCH: Encouraging Brand Owners to Switch-to-Bio-Based in highly innovative ecosystems

Project description

Towards a bio-based economy in Europe

Bringing Europe to the forefront of a bio-based economy is a significant step towards achieving sustainability. The EU-funded BIOSWITCH project aims to support brand owners in adopting bio-based approaches. Within this scope, it will build a framework that encourages them to take the lead through a set of events and other communication actions. The project will also create the BIOSWITCH toolbox, whose purpose is to help brand owners adopt a bio-based transition. The toolbox will be developed through four brand owner-driven case studies that represent four different bio-based transition strategies (chemistry, forest, food and agriculture sectors). Ultimately, brand owners will be able to self-assess their own transition.


BIOSWITCH main aim is to bring Europe to the forefront of the bio-based economy, encouraging and supporting brand owners to switching to bio-based approaches by following a holistic, systemic approach built on two pillars: (1) a framework where brand owners are placed as the centre of the public administration-bio-based industry-consumers triangle through a set of events and communication actions; and (2) the BIOSWITCH toolbox as the ultimate instrument that will assist them in the bio-based transition journey. Main novelty is a bio-based transition level self-assessment test to be done by brand owners so they can get access only to the tools that match their needs.

The framework will support the mapping and analysis exercise, where information about brand owners needs, motivations and incentives will be gathered. Perceived risks and mitigation actions will be identified and awareness and discussions with consumers will be fostered. Then, the BIOSWITCH toolbox will be developed and validated through four brand owner driven cases studies (NOPA Nordic, ALPRO, ZAFER and Grupo La Caña) that represent four different bio-based transition strategies from chemistry, forest, food and agro sectors and different levels of bio-based transition level. A replication plan development and toolbox roll-out will be conducted. Both regional and pan-European approaches will be considered all along the project.

Main impact to be achieved will be reaching brand owners that are not familiar with bio-based approaches (at least 81 clusters that are not BIC members), and increasing brand owners interest in bio-based strategies, as well as triggering their level of involvement and commitment to bioeconomy (it is foreseen that and at least 180 brand owners from partners networks can be reached). Bio-based product acceptance will be also increased as at least 550 attendees are expected in all project foreseen events.



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