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Travel Information Management for Seamless Intermodal Transport


Multimodal Performance Framework

Report defining the proposed performance indicators and metrics, identifying the room for improvement in the different indicators, and discussing potential trade-offs between KPIs.

Impact Assessment of New Intermodal Concepts and Passenger Information Services: Conclusions and Recommendations

Report documenting the implementation of the SpainMadrid and the FranceParis long distance travel demand models and the main results and conclusions of the case studies and deriving guidelines and recommendations for future RI activities

Travel Information Management for Seamless Intermodal Transport: Lessons Learnt from the TRANSIT Project and Way Forward

White paper providing a highlevel view of the main results and conclusions of the project

ATM Role in Intermodal Transport: Opportunities for Innovative Intermodal Concepts and Passenger Information Services

Technical report describing the proposed intermodal concepts and information services, and specifying a number of case studies for the evaluation of the new solutions.

Final Project Report

The Final Project Report will cover all the research activities performed by the project including the final publishable summary report the plan for use and dissemination of the foreground and a selfassessment of the TRL achieved at the end of the project This report will follow the template provided by the SJU and the guidelines provided in the SESAR Project Handbook

TRANSIT Modelling and Simulation Framework

Technical report documenting the new version of the CTAP and MATSim models and the newly developed modules for the simulation of intermodal concepts

Methodologies and Mobility Analytics Algorithms for the Analysis of the Door-to-Door Passenger Journey

Report describing the new mobility analytics algorithms and the results of the validation experiments.

Project Website

Website providing access to all relevant public information about the project, including some high-level material describing the project and the latest news and research results.

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Air-rail timetable synchronization for a seamless passenger journey

Auteurs: Daniel Delahaye, Clara Buire, Aude Marzuoli, Eric Feron, Marcel Mongeau
Publié dans: International Workshop on ATM/CNS (IWAC), 2022, 2022
Éditeur: IWAC

Flight Rescheduling to Improve Passenger Journey during Airport Access Mode Disruptions

Auteurs: Geoffrey Scozzaro, Ji Ma, Daniel Delahaye, Eric Feron, Catherine Mancel
Publié dans: International Conference on Research in Air Transportation, 2022, 2022
Éditeur: ICRAT

Airport accessibility surveys and mobile phone records data fusion for the analysis of air travel behaviour

Auteurs: Alex Gregg, Juan Blasco, Rafael Jordá, Ignacio Martín, Javier Burrieza, Oliva García Cantú Ros.
Publié dans: International Conference on Transport Survey Methods, 12, 2022
Éditeur: International Conference on Transport Survey Methods

Optimising security screening resources during airport access mode disruptions

Auteurs: Geoffrey Scozzaro, Catherine Mancel, Daniel Delahaye, Eric Feron
Publié dans: SESAR Innovation Days, 2022, 2022

A methodology for understanding passenger flows combining mobile phone records and airport surveys: Application to Madrid-Barajas Airport after the COVID-19 outbreak

Auteurs: Javier Burrieza-Galán, Rafael Jordá, Alex Gregg, Pablo Ruiz, Rita Rodríguez, María José Sala, Javier Torres, Pedro García-Albertos, Oliva García Cantú Ros, Ricardo Herranz
Publié dans: Journal of Air Transport Management, Volume 100, May 2022, 2022, Page(s) 102163, ISSN 2175-9146
Éditeur: Elsevier
DOI: 10.1016/j.jairtraman.2021.102163