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Boss Ex Machina: Mapping and Understanding the Technological Transformation of Managerial Prerogatives in Workplaces Driven by Machines, Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms

Project description

Assessing the legality of tracking workers by a wristband

Machines enabled by AI are present in nearly every aspect of our lives. And the workplace is no exception. AI and algorithms play a prominent role from the prescreening and hiring of candidates to their onboarding and beyond. For instance, workers can receive instructions through a digital app and they can be tracked by a wristband collecting sensitive information. Employers can also use metrics and customer reviews to set variable remuneration. The EU-funded Boss Ex Machina project will map these practices, evaluate their legal compliance and assess the resilience of the existing normative framework at the EU level. The findings will shed light on how new technologies are digitising management and how this fits with labour regulations.


Net EU contribution
€ 160 932,48
Calle Cardenal Zuniga 12
40003 Segovia

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Centro (ES) Castilla y León Segovia
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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