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Promoting building retrofits in the private residential sector through One-Stop-Shops in Germany

Project description

Encouraging German homeowners to retrofit

The EU’s ‘Smart financing for smart buildings’ initiative advocates the creation of one-stop-shops to accelerate building refurbishments. The aim is to increase the renovation rate. The EU-funded ProRetro project will offer new one-stop-shop services in five German cities or regions, where homeowners show a reluctance to retrofit. The project aims to overcome barriers to residential energy efficiency renovations with one-stop-shops designed to meet the needs of German customers. It will draw from best practice examples in other EU Member States and tailor these to fit the German reality. These new one-stop-shops will cover the customer’s entire journey of a building renovation, starting from the initial audit and planning to the contracting, implementation, monitoring and approval.


The ProRetro project aims to
- Overcome barriers to residential building refurbishment by offering new one-stop-shop services to customers in five German cities/regions
- base the one-stop-shop design on the needs of customers so that
- they are attractive to customers,
- conceptualise, plan, implement and monitor and evaluate the new one-stop-shops
- prepare their continuation beyond the project lifetime
- cover the whole customer journey of a building renovation from audit/advice, planning, contracting, implementation and monitoring and approval – and involve respective stakeholders/experts in the service offer
- build on information and experiences in designing and implementing one-stop shops from best practice examples in other European countries and establish peer-learning structures with those organisations

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