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Evidence-based market and policy instruments Implementation across EU to increase the demand for eNergy Skills across conSTRUCTion sector value chain

Project description

Enhancing energy efficiency skills in the European construction sector

The European construction sector needs to achieve energy efficiency objectives in order to meet the increasing challenges it is facing. In this context, energy efficiency skills are highly demanded. Therefore, the EU-funded INSTRUCT project aims to provide an operational framework for workers, in order to enhance their skills and provide them with a certification. Within this scope, the project will facilitate the recognition of energy skills and qualifications in the construction sector and ensure new legislative frameworks. Seven European countries will participate in this project. Eventually, INSTRUCT will contribute to encouraging a new generation of skilled and certified workers and pave the way for legislative changes in the construction sector.


The European Construction sector faces unprecedented challenges to achieve ambitious energy efficiency objectives, that can be met only if successful training initiatives and supporting policy instruments are put in place, acting as a springboard to stimulate the demand for energy efficiency skills. The INSTRUCT project aims to act at a market level by providing an operational framework and set of services serving a new generation of skilled and certified workers and fitters and paving the way to legislative changes that overall will stimulate the demand for energy skills across lifecycle and supply chains. Key outputs include: (a) quantitative and qualitative evidences that corroborate and reinforce the correlation between (i) skills and education and (ii) energy performance and quality; (b) a set of tools and instruments facilitating the mutual recognition of energy skills and qualifications in the construction sector; (c) real-world demonstrations (in 5 geographical European areas) of the usefulness and ease of use of the deployed instruments for recognition of energy skills and qualifications; (d) dissemination and awareness raising actions in consortium members countries, scaled up to the wider Europe; (e) new legislative frameworks enabling reliance on skilled workers in public / private procurement. The Consortium draws on (a) the engagement of internationally leading industry best practice and vocational training, (b) the educational excellence of leading institutions in Europe, (c) the robust experience of accrediting bodies in the construction domain. It provides a Europe-wide coverage with 7 participating countries, scaled up to 5 clusters, representing a multi-expertise ensemble of stakeholders and energy value chains deploying the INSTRUCT methodology and supporting tools in country-based pilots. It is supported by a network of stakeholders, involving the Build Up Skills chapters across Europe, and a Europe wide community of interest of 200+ members.

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