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Sustainable managment of agriculture sources for development of climate-smart agricultural practices

Project description

Advancing agricultural management and crop residue recycling

Sustainable agriculture systems are threatened by the long-term monoculture of annual crops and the excessive use of mineral fertilisers. Such practices increase greenhouse gas emissions. Diversification of agricultural systems and recycling of crop residues emerge as solutions for sustainable agroecosystems that meet the needs of food security and climate change mitigation and adaptation. In addition, the use of crop residues in the bioenergy sector is debated as a solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The EU-funded AgPro4CSA project will develop advanced agricultural management patterns that increase the recycling of crop residues and reduce the use of mineral fertilisers. It will provide a fundamental understanding of mechanisms affecting the nutrient cycling and greenhouse gas emissions in agricultural systems.


Unsustainable agricultural practices such as long-term monoculture of annual crops with the excessive use of mineral fertilisers lead to greenhouse gas emissions, and is threatening the sustainability of agricultural systems. The implication of poor soil quality on long-term agricultural production is of EU and global concern because of the increase in food and water demands. Diversification of agricultural systems and recycling of crop residues are important for the development of sustainable agroecosystems to cope with the challenges of food security, climate change mitigation and adaptation. The potential use of crop residues as an energy source is generating a debate in EU on sustainable utilisation of this resource in agriculture and bioenergy sectors, to gain the environmental suitability and for convenience of their large-scale exploitation.

AgPro4CSA aims to develop improved agricultural management practices for increasing recycling of crop residues and reducing mineral fertilisers to reduce gaseous emissions and improve sustainability of crop production, which will promote environment friendly uses of crop residues in the agriculture and the energy sector, and will contribute in bio-based and circular economy.

AgPro4CSA will cover fundamental understanding of mechanisms at the molecular, microbial and chemical levels, involved in nutrient cycling and GHG emissions in agricultural systems. Further, validation and assessment of biogeochemical models will provide valuable information for policy makers and environmental agencies.

My enthusiasm for sustainable agroecosystems and my interdisciplinary research experience give me confidence to develop the AgPro4CSA project. The experience, facilities and support of the host and partner, ensure the successful completion of the project, at a time at which this research is highly relevant to current societal and environmental needs, as well as for strengthening my career development.



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