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Catalytic co-hydrothermal liquefaction of binary and ternary mixtures of rye straw, shellfish and beef tallow for sustainable production of high-grade biocrude-oil to drop-in transport fuel

Project description

Rye straw, shellfish and animal fat – the sustainable transport fuel of the future

The transport sector is the highest consumer of fossil fuels, which account for 96 % of global energy use. Furthermore, the increased consumption of fossil fuels releases CO2 into the atmosphere, causing toxic environmental pollution. The EU-funded CO-HTL4BIO-OIL project aims to develop commercially viable catalytic co-hydrothermal liquefaction (CO-HTL) that converts secondary wet solid food by-products such as rye straw, shellfish and beef tallow into a sustainable transport fuel with potential 100 % atom efficiency, low production costs and zero CO2 emissions. The project is expected to strongly impact Europe’s knowledge-based economy and society towards sustainable and green transportation.


Net EU contribution
€ 207 312,00
Fredrik Bajers Vej 7k
9220 Aalborg

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Other funding
€ 207 312,00