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Modulation of intestinal barrier function and inflammation via butyrate-promoting dietary fibre

Project description

The role of dietary fibre in intestinal homeostasis

Microscopic colitis (MC) is a chronic disease associated with mild intestinal inflammation. Considering the increase in inflammatory bowel disease incidence and the potential of intestinal inflammation to cause peripheral inflammation and metabolic disease, there is a pressing need to understand its underlying mechanisms. To address this, scientists of the EU-funded FIBCOLIT project will investigate the impact of fermentable dietary fibres (DFs) on intestinal physiology and inflammation. Through an intervention study on MC patients, the project will follow a multi-omics approach to examine DF-induced changes in inflammatory markers, intestinal microbiota and well-being. The link between DF and intestinal homeostasis may introduce a non-pharmaceutical option to prevent and manage inflammatory diseases of the intestine.


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