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Functionally Metalized Nanocellulose For Future Smart Materials

Project description

Novel functional materials based on nanocellulose

Nanocellulose is a naturally occurring material composed of nanofibrils that have been isolated from a cellulosic material. That source material can be trees, various plants, algae or bacteria. Thanks to its high aspect ratio and high surface area, it could serve as a revolutionary renewable building block for nanomaterials. A major challenge to the design and engineering of smart nanomaterials using nanocellulose is making this natural nanostructured material functional with new properties. The EU-funded FUNMAT project plans to push back the frontiers in the field. The project will establish the proper conditions for metallising the surface of nanocellulose and design new functional materials on it.


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€ 259 398,72
Calle Eric Kandel 2 Parque Cientifico Y Tecnologico Tecnogetafe
28906 Getafe

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