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Mechanical regulation of cell migration by Piezo1 and its implications in epithelial cell turnover

Project description

Mechanical cues in epithelial cell turnover

Understanding the cues that drive cell proliferation and death in different tissues is central for deciphering the mechanisms of carcinogenesis. In the epithelial tissue, mechanical forces seem to control these processes, with stretch activating proliferation and crowding triggering cell death. The scope of the EU-funded PROMIGREX project is to extend these findings and investigate the impact of cell migration on normal and abnormal cell turnover in epithelial tissues. Scientists will determine the role of the stretch-activated Piezo1 protein in cell migration from sites of high division rate alongside the role of mutations in colon cancer. The project's results will disclose important information about epithelial carcinogenesis and potentially unveil new therapeutic targets.


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€ 212 933,76
WC2R 2LS London
United Kingdom

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London Inner London — West Westminster
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