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Seamless mixing of virtual & real-world objects in VR & AR


Despite recent major technological progress (e.g. with Oculus Quest), virtual or augmented reality headsets today have not yet entered mass adoption. One of the reasons for that is the discomfort, eyestrain and sometimes physical pain after prolonged use that they cause to some of the users. To perceive depth, the human eye needs to change focus between objects in different distances. This is impossible in today’s devices based on flat screen technology. The mismatch between binocular depth and focus (vergence-accommodation conflict) causes eyestrain, pain, and nausea for users. It is a serious problem in VR, but it is a true showstopper in the AR where our eyes see both real and virtual objects at the same time. Our patented light-field technology generates truly 3D hologram-like images. It solves the eyestrain and pain problems of current headsets, while increasing immersion of users and allowing conflictless mixing of virtual and real worlds. Our company’s mission is to resolve the key problem blocking widespread adoption of virtual and augmented reality by developing near-eye light-field technology. Our technology fully replicates human perception of 3D images with optical depth. Our ultimate goal is to provide the key technology for the next generation of wearable products– smart glasses, which could supplement or even eventually replace the current smartphone. We are currently offering VR and AR development kits (prototypes) of the light-field display and associated rendering software to our clients to initiate pilot and integration projects. So far, our company was financed by own funds, start-up competitions, and prize money of €240,000 in total, proof of concept project with Samsung Mobile of €50,000, and a seed round of €780,000. We plan to raise €4.6m in Series A financing round end of 2019 and we aim at a revenue of €53m by 2025 with 100+ FTEs.

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