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New solution for fully automated analysis and reporting of routine musculoskeletal X-rays

Project description

Machine learning supports radiology services

The number of X-ray scans performed in Europe is increasing. In 2018, in the case of musculoskeletal (MSK) scans, the number exceeded 140 million. At the same time, a shrinking group of radiologists must deal with the increasing workflow. Consequently, medical reports cannot be ready in good time, and patient treatment is delayed. New solutions to support radiology services are therefore needed. The EU-funded AutoRay project aims to introduce to the medical market the Radiobotics (RDB) solution – a validated, comprehensive, ML-based software tool, which automatically analyses X-rays of the MSK system. The new software will help radiologists deliver fast and accurate analysis. It will also optimise the workflow in hospitals, lowering costs and improving the quality of services.


Routine radiology services are facing a huge problem on having efficient workflows to deliver X-ray analysis and diagnosis
shortly after image acquisition – with patients waiting days or weeks for the results. The volume of X-rays scans is quickly
growing year after year –more than 140 million X-rays analysis of the musculoskeletal (MSK) system were performed in
2018 in Europe alone. The current number of radiologists is insufficient to efficiently analyse and deliver the medical report
shortly, causing unnecessary stress for patients and potential delay in the treatment. Thus, there is an urgent need for
solutions optimizing the workflow on routine radiology services.
Radiobotics (RDB) has developed a comprehensive machine learning-based software tool that automatically analyses X-rays
of the MSK system and generates the respective medical report. The algorithms used have been trained with data
screened and validated by our clinical partners, in order to mimic expert accuracy and a state-of-the-art performance. RDB
automatic software will greatly benefit: 1) radiologists/physicians (end-users) by lowering the time required to analyse
images and generate diagnostic reports; 2) hospitals (customers) by optimizing the services workflow, saving costs and
offering higher quality services; and 3) patients by having access to a faster and accurate diagnosis and consequently early
AutoRay project will enable RDB to mature its product to a market-ready software suite addressing multiple conditions in multiple anatomical regions while ensuring a seamless integration in IT systems. In addition, it will provide a stage to a large-scale demonstration of its performance in clinical practice. Upon completion, RDB will open up for a very large business opportunity, providing a perspective for RDB to become a lead player in the medical imaging arena.

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