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Humanities Rock! - Humans and Research

Project description

Increasing public recognition of researchers in Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana successfully organised the 2018–2019 edition of the European Researchers’ Night. It increased insight into research and innovation activities, promoted public understanding of researchers’ achievements and impact and demystified stereotypes related to researchers’ profession. The EU-funded HUMANITIES ROCK project builds on the experience of the previous programme, aiming to increase public recognition of researchers and encourage young people to embark on scientific and research careers. The project will focus on the social, cultural, philosophical, biological and technological aspects of human life and their respective research domains and will pay special attention to the social dimensions of scientific knowledge. The activities comprise a wide range of events such as direct visits to research institutions, exhibitions, lab visits, competitions and discussions with scientists.


The HUMANITIES ROCK! European Researchers’ Night 2020 builds on the University of Ljubljana’s very successful 2018-2019 edition of the European Researchers’ Night.
The overall objective of the HUMANITIES ROCK! project remains the same, i.e. to increase awareness of research and innovation activities, support the public recognition of researchers, debunk stereotypes and misinformation about researchers and their profession, create a better understanding of the impact of researchers’ work on citizens’ daily lives, encourage young people to embark on research careers and increase the popularity of scientific careers by organizing innovative public engagement activities and breaking the barrier between researchers and the general public.
Since humankind is currently facing large-scale cultural and global man-made challenges, social sciences and humanities (SSH) research is becoming more important and relevant than ever, but is still often neglected and poorly utilized. The HUMANITIES ROCK! project activities therefore promote and stimulate interdisciplinary collaborations between the SSH and the natural sciences and present the humanities as an integral part of science in general. The 2020 edition revolves around the broad and wide-ranging theme “HUMANS AND RESEARCH”, presenting humans as subjects of research and as beings affected by research. The project activities focus on the biological, technological, philosophical, social and cultural aspects of human life and the research fields studying it, paying close attention to the social dimensions of scientific knowledge.
The proposed activities are targeted particularly at children, young people and science-reluctant people, and comprise direct visits, demonstrations, competitions, exhibitions, lab visits, workshops, discussions, hands-on experiments, EU corners, open days, live chats with scientists and science cafes, taking place at public venues and in research institutions, which will open their doors to visitors.



Net EU contribution
€ 120 085,00
Kongresni trg 12
1000 Ljubljana

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Other funding
€ 64 661,25