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Little Nocturnal Secrets

Descripción del proyecto

Situar a los investigadores en el centro de atención de diversas localidades francesas

Los investigadores pueden influir en cómo percibe el público la investigación en general y en cuán atrayente resulta la investigación como futura orientación profesional para los jóvenes. , El proyecto financiado con fondos europeos LINCS, dirigido a 14 localidades francesas, destacará a 1 200 investigadores mediante la organización de eventos de promoción de la investigación y la participación científica. El proyecto creará encuentros directos e íntimos entre el público y los investigadores, prestando especial atención al intervalo de edad entre los 15 y los 30 años. Las actividades previstas permitirán llevar a cabo encuentros privados o experiencias divertidas compartidas en contacto directo con investigadores profesionales. Un «rincón europeo» contará con la participación de investigadores de la Unión Europea, juegos y emisiones de radio en directo. El lema del evento «Little Nocturnal Secrets» (pequeños secretos nocturnos) resulta intrigante internacionalmente y busca despertar el interés del público y atraer a las multitudes.


"The LINCS project is the collective effort of 12 partners and the legacy of 14 years of participation in the ERN as a consortium. The ambition is to organize events in 14 different French cities (specifically focusing on medium-sized cities, where research is happening, but science engagement activities are less frequent), sharing the same objectives, theme, activities, approach to popularization, and at the same time involving local researchers.
Convinced that the quality of the exchange with researchers is the key factor in enriching and refining the citizens' vision of research, we create intimate, warm, direct encounters between the public and researchers, with a specific focus on the 15-30 age range.
To achieve this, the 1,200 researchers involved in the project will be coached and trained by mediators, artists or scenographers, using different methods. A long-lasting effect on researchers will be one outcome, as ERN is an occasion for them to start a long journey in science engagement.
The planned activities enable privileged encounters and/or shared, fun experiences in direct contact with professional researchers. The “EU corner” will be enlivened by the participation of EU researchers, games and live radio broadcasts. The French Ministry of Culture will financially support the event for the 3rd year, fostering the participation of researchers in social sciences and humanities; the Ministry of Research will also continue its support. One partner is in charge of strategies for reducing the environmental impact of the events.
The LINCS project is based on an original tagline, a theme to intrigue visitors and stimulate the creativity of researchers and mediators. A theme which testifies to our ambition to set up almost intimate meetings between researchers and visitors. Meetings which promise to unveil the untold stories of an exciting profession. A slogan that evokes both secrets and curiosity: ""Little Nocturnal Secrets"" (“petits secrets nocturnes”). But shh…!

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CSA - Coordination and support action


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