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Science in the City

Project description

Promoting science and arts in Malta

Science in the City, European Researchers’ Night (ERN) is an annual festival organised in Malta. Launched 8 years ago, about 40 % of the country’s population has visited the event at least once. Established to inspire creativity and foster curiosity and passion for knowledge in children, youth and adults, the festival was honoured by Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe, an international platform connecting festivals committed to science and arts. The EU-funded SitC project is an ERN event for 2020-2021, attracting researchers from all scientific fields and carrying out experiments and hosting art installations and games. The project supports responsible research and innovation, explains the concept and connects researchers to the public.


Science in the City is a Science and Arts Festival. Malta's Capital City, Valletta, on ERN is filled with researchers from all scientific fields, experiments, performances, art installations, games and much more to attract some 30,000 people.
This EFFE award winning, national event has been visited by 42% of Malta's population at least once over the past 8 years. It educates, enthralls and excites people of all ages. It inspires creativity, nurtures curiosity and a passion for knowledge in children, youth and adults across the country.
The festival supports the idea of RRI and uses its activities to explain the concept and bring researchers closer to the publics.


Net EU contribution
€ 71 000,00
2080 MSIDA

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Total cost
€ 101 585,00

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