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ALgorithms for PAngenome Computational Analysis


Data Management Plan

Compilation of a data management plan.

Supervisory Board of the network

Appoint a supervisory board of the ITN

Annual Workshop 1

Title Challenges of computational pangenomicsThree halfdays will be dedicated to scientific courses one halfday to the softskills course Other activities will include business meeting afternoon of day 1 hackathon afternoon of day 3 and problem sessions evenings The preliminary topics of the coursesi Overview of existing methods and tools for pangenomics SPissis NWOI E Rivals CNRS JStoye UNIBI 1 ECTS ii Overview of open challenges for pangenomics ASchonhuth UNIBI RDurbin UCAM TMarschall UDUS 05 ECTS iii Softskills Ethics in research research integrity Gender and Diversity Issues NPisanti UNIPI PBonizzoni UNIMIB 05 ECTS