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SnapToPowerQuality: Protect Production Facilities from Power Quality Failures using Low-cost Clamp-on Measurements from the Outside of Existing Multiconductor Cables

Project description

Innovative sensors enable high-accuracy real-time power measurements

Technical installations such as production units, pumps, motors, ventilation systems, pipes and heaters waste significant resources every day. PowerMoni is a patented wireless sensor technology used to monitor power on cables and in switchboards, by a simple clamp-on device. Clamp-on sensors are easy to attach to existing cables without shutting down production. Building on PowerMoni, the EU-funded SnapToPowerQuality project is developing a clamp-on measurement and analysis platform to eliminate sources of power quality disturbance. Mathematical models will be used to map the 'non-sense' data acquired by the clamp-on sensors. The new solution will help prevent loss of production and energy, ensure higher production stability and increase the competitiveness of European production lines.


Loss of resources due to poor power PAIN:
Loss of resources due to poor power quality in production facilities.
The state-of-art solutions to identify the sources of failure are costly and difficult to install, which is the main problem to be solved.

We have solved what no one else have been able to do before; we measure power quality from the outside of existing multi-conductor cables.
The core secret in our technology is to use mathematical models to map the “non-sense” data acquired by the clamp-on sensors into the actual power quality measures.
The solution builds on top of the patented ReMoni solution, which is already used to monitor technical installations in commercial buildings, and the power quality analysis from TUE. We can thereby speed-jump to a patented solution running on an already tested and proven platform.

The value proposition:
+ Clamp-on sensors which are easy to click on existing cables without breaking into the installations.
+ Self-learning AI analysis.
+ Inexpensive: Cost <10 % of the known alternatives.
+ Coherent solution.
+ Open data integration.

The main market segment is industrial production facilities, where 90 % of the saving potential is originated. The estimated European market potential is 13.6 billion €. It is dominated by the large equipment vendors, like Johnson Controls, Honeywell, and National Instruments.

We will develop a patented clamp-on measurement and analysis platform to eliminate sources of power quality disturbance. This requires a combination of the:
+ Technical development of the clamp-on sensor platform.
+ Models of the power analysis implemented in the embedded and cloud software.
+ Integration into the existing industrial operation system.
+ Demonstration and integration into the business models for efficient industrial production.

+ Avoid loss of production and energy.
+ Higher production stability.
+ Increased competitiveness of European production lines.


Net EU contribution
€ 467 443,75
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 467 443,75

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