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In Ovo’s automated sexing solution for chicken eggs

Project description

High-throughput solution for in-egg selection of laying hens

Every year, about 7 billion laying hens are hatched. For every hen, a rooster hatches, too. These male animals do not have a purpose in table egg production. Therefore, after a manual sorting process (sexing), the day-old males are killed right away. In order to stop this, the EU-funded InOvotive project develops a fast and automated solution to detect if an egg contains a male or female: this allows hatcheries to remove male eggs from incubators early in the breeding process and only hatch female layer chickens. The solution is based on a single biomarker, identified in 2016, that permits fast and high-throughput determination of the sex of an egg. Implementation of this technology will improve both resource efficiency and animal welfare in the poultry industry.

Call for proposal

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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