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A Whole New Category of Vehicle: The ONO Pedal Assisted Transporter

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A new pedal assisted category of vehicle

The COVID-19 pandemic is transforming online shopping. This is due to the challenges faced by logistic operators related to the increased demand for e-commerce. A new approach to urban logistics is needed. The German company ONO which specialises in innovative solutions for urban transport has created a whole new type of vehicles: the ONO Pedal Assisted Transporter (PAT). The weather-protected electric vehicle PAT, which combines the flexibility and advantages of a bicycle with the durability and cargo capacity of a van, reduces road congestion and air pollution. The EU-funded ONO project intends to optimise the ONO PAT and its cargo-unit prototypes for a pre-series production, further develop the technology and software innovations and prepare it for manufacturing and commercialisation.


Worldwide, e-commerce is booming and parcel delivery and urban logistics have experienced rapid growth. And in light of the current Covid-19 virus pandemic, logistics operators are struggling to cope with the enormous increase in demand as people are confined to their homes, doing their part to slow the virus. This adds to the strain on operators’ already present challenges such as polluting vehicles, driver shortages, being stuck in traffic jams, and the lack of flexibility in routing and costs. Yet, delivery methods have hardly evolved in the last 90 years. The time is now to rethink and transform urban logistics.

At ONO, we believed that there was a need for a vehicle that would bring about change in a positive and meaningful way. So, we created a whole new category of vehicle: the ONO Pedal Assisted Transporter (PAT). It’s a unique solution that is meant to improve city life quality by reducing road congestion and air pollution, all while being accessible to all genders. The ONO PAT combines the flexibility and advantages of a bicycle with the durability and cargo capacity of a van. The weather-protected electric vehicle features over 2100 litres of load volume capacity, integrated cargo loading ramps, an easy battery-swapping system, use of quality Tier-1 automotive components, and an aesthetically polished and distinctive design. Our vehicle also features the very unique selling point of having a modular platform base where one unit can be easily swapped for another module.

The scope of this project includes optimising the ONO PAT, and its cargo-unit prototypes for a pre-series production, further developing the technology and software innovations, as well as optimising the business structure needed for commercialisation; preparing and setting-up for manufacturing; setting-up, testing and adjusting our service model ecosystem; testing our pre-series vehicles through fleet deployments; and conducting R&D for additional module-units and a solar roof.

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