CORDIS - Forschungsergebnisse der EU

Support to the OAPEN initiative (2020-2021)


Guidance paper on green OA for books

This paper is the result of an investigation into selfarchiving policies of publishers and green OA to publications

Feasibility study for alternative funding model for Deposit service

The feasibility study describes an alternative business model to support the Deposit service based on the existing consortial funding arrangement for Europe PMC and reports on the consultation of stakeholders through interviews and a workshop

Six monthly progress report 3

Communication plan

The communication plan contains a stakeholder analysis (identifying the stakeholders, their roles and needs/interests, and how they can be approached) and includes the various channels and communication methods to be utilized for this project.

Six monthly progress report
Six monthly progress report 2

Final progress report

Communication package

The Communication package will include a flyer, a presentation, and the set-up and slides for a webinar.

Revised List of compliant publishers

Update of the existing list of compliant publishers with improved information and criteria to be met to join the list

ERC section with institutional access to new features: Dashboard and Notification service

The ERC section of the OAPEN website will be expanded with an institutional page accessible through controlled access providing a Dashboard to provide usage information about the ERC collection and a notification service to provide information about publications in the ERC collection

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