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Biocatalytic upgrading of natural biopolymers for reassembly as multipurpose materials


Computational framework to identify biophysical signatures for surface acting proteins

Application and integration of ancestral sequence resurrection molecular modeling techniques and data mining methods for the selection and design of surface acting proteins

Workshop on inclusivity and work-life balance for the PIs and researchers

Leverage existing resources at beneficiary institutions to ensure all project participants complete at least one workshop on inclusivity which will help to ensure retention of underrepresented groups in STEM careers post graduation

Application-driven functional screens for microbial expansin action on bio-fibers

Establish biophysical methods to screen protein functions including methods based on viscoelasticity porosity and crystallinity eg dynamic light scattering solute exclusion and Xray diffraction

Matrix of compositional, structural and biophysical properties of bio-fibre starting materials

Evaluate the molecular composition structure and network organisation of the prioritized biofibers using complementary biochemical and biophysical techniques These include glycomic analyses of the structural polysaccharides highresolution low temperature scanning electron microscopy cryoSEM atomic force microscopy solidstate spectroscopy FTIR and ssNMR and small angle scattering techniques SAXS and SANS12

BioUPGRADE Public website created

Set up a public website to disseminate announcements eg recruitment conferences scientific publications and outreach activities

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