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Comprehensive Treatment of Chronic Patients in Rural Areas

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Empowering citizens to take care of their health

The EU's population is ageing, and at the same time, those living with disabilities and chronic diseases are on the rise. In rural areas, individuals living with a disability or chronic disease are less likely to have access to high-quality health services and programmes compared to those in urban areas. The EU-funded CRANE project, focusing on the comprehensive treatment of chronic diseases in rural areas, aims to build a system for increased person-centred care and nursing whereby more than 80 % of chronic patients move to self-care. The project will propose a model which is supported by two pillars: healthcare from home and the ecosystem.


CRANE addresses the comprehensive treatment of chronic diseases in the rural areas. Rural areas in participant regions have more than 30% of people 65+, this is 20 years advanced urban scenarios. CRANE?s model will help change citizens' self-conception from being passive patients to becoming citizens again. CRANE position is to evolve toward a model where more than 80% of chronic patients move to Selfcare, supported by two pillars: ?healthcare from home? and the ?Ecosystem?. Healthcare from home brings to the home interactive technology for smart selfcare-management. The ecosystem is an extended concept of integrated care, to offer to the citizen essential elements of wellbeing. It includes the health and care services, family, services providers, etc. The ecosystem is tailored to each individual. Our integrated care approach is moving to flexible, dynamic and personalized ecosystems. The tools to build up such models are a data lake and an open platform. CRANE point of departure is that each citizen is the owner of its own health data, and those data should become actionable support for the person. The model is to be validated in so distant cultures as rural areas in Spain and Nordic countries. CRANE procurers are new to EU PCPs, but supported by experienced partners in PCP execution, co-design method, experts in health data management, ICT architecture, health economics and integrated care. CRANE will procure the design of an all-in-one value-based service including local supply chain. Lead procurer is Region Vsterbotten in Sweden, and the buyers group is completed with Extremadura Region in Spain, and Region Agder in Norway.

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