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Bringing to the market a new generation of AI-powered Media Monitoring Tools

Project description

Artificial intelligence for EU-based media monitoring

The increasing number of news sources creates a new media environment that requires constant and reliable monitoring. As such, many media monitoring companies have increased their human resources. However, the efforts of human expertise are limited by mechanical tasks. Besides, existing solutions that rely on artificial intelligence (AI) are still highly dependent on human expertise to detect and delete irrelevant content. The EU-funded MONITIO project will work on a real-time cross-lingual global media monitoring platform that will deliver constant and automated monitoring actions. The system is the result of a 3-year pioneering AI research effort funded by Horizon 2020. It relies on a scalable Software-as-a-Service business model that constantly receives massive multilingual data sources and automatically translates, filters and categorises them to produce reports for media monitoring professionals.


Media Monitoring is the systematic recording of media output related to a specific target, its activities and topics of interest. With the galloping growth of sources, many media monitoring companies have addressed this issue by increasing human resources. However, human expertise which should be focused in advanced analysis is being wasted on time-consuming mechanical tasks.
Current commercial solutions peddle the use of “Artificial Intelligence”, but they are still highly dependent on human expertise to filter out irrelevant content. The worldwide market for media monitoring is valued at US$2.23 bn (2017), with a CAGR of 13,6% until 2022.
Building on 3 years of cutting-edge AI research funded by H2020, Priberam is developing a real-time crosslingual global media monitoring platform that delivers actionable insight beyond human capabilities. Our system, based on a scalable SaaS business model, continuously ingests massive multilingual data sources and automatically translates, filters, categorizes and generates reports for media monitoring professionals.
MONITIO will be co-created with end-users at Deutsche Welle and improved with cutting-edge technology from Cambridge University, focusing on GDPR and the new EU Copyright legislation, making it the first media monitoring tool copyright compliant-by-design (in opposition to the majority of competitor solutions, which are US-based and not centred in these issues).
Priberam is a Portuguese SME that provides cutting-edge Natural Language Understanding and Artificial Intelligence technologies to companies in the media, legal and healthcare industries, and exports its technologies to international top companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Kobo, and the main media publishers in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. Our team of 24 generated a turnover of 1,4M€ in 2018.
We believe that MONITIO will bring Media Monitoring to a new disruptive level, and place European technology in the lead of AI-powered Media Monitoring services.



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