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Development of demonstration facilities for airport movement guidance control and management


The DEFAMM project aiming at demonstrating the major AMGCM functions with real facilities in a near-operational environment will proceed by compiling the results of studies of user requirements and subsystems tests already performed, analysing and assessing the available technologies concerning their use of A-SMGCS, defing the demonstration scenarios, defining the demonstration system, implementing the demonstration facilities for identified AMGCM functions, demonstrating the deriving benefits. They will be in terms of increased safety, efficiency for the airlines, the civil aviation and airport authorities. The system functions and the draft procedures will be validated in operational environments.

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4.3.1/43,4.3.2/45,4.3.2/46 Telematics projects: ATHOS,MANTEA,AIRPORT-G,DAFUSA

Case studies

Milan Malpensa Airport: Pre-implementation demonstration
Paris Orly Airport: Pre-implementation demonstration
Braunschweig Airport: Pre-implementation demonstration
Cologne-Bonn Airport: Final demonstration


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