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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-05-07

Glioma trial with boron neutron capture therapy

Exploitable results

The Demonstration Project is a short pilot testing boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) intended to serve as an initiation of a Phase I/II study of glioma treatment with BNCT. It has as objective to demonstrate whether BNCT with epithermal neutrons and Na2 B12 H11 SH (BSH) as boron compound is a safe, and an effective, treatment of glioma. This will be achieved through the treatment of patients, with survival and quality of survival as measurable parameters. The project will show what the maximum irradiation level is for safe BNCT with BSH, and will specify the treatment conditions which will result in partial or complete tumor control. Th is will be achieved through dose escalation. It will be demonstrated which are the optimal treatment conditions and whether the optimal treatment conditions can influence the outcome for the patients. Emphasis will be put on safety for the patient and effectiveness of treatment.

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