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The research was carried out using a motorcycle computer simulation model which equipped with data from new dynamic measurement methodologies for tyres and suspensions. The development and construction of these new measurement methodologies were important elements of the project. The computer simulation was validated by road tests.

The current motorcycle computer simulation was prepared to include the dynamic component characteristics. The dynamic tyre characteristics in straight line running conditions (0 camber) was measured with an existing test stand for dynamic tyre characteristics, based on a published model for car tyre use. There was neither a model nor a test rig for measuring the dynamic tyre characteristics in big camber angles, conditions being typical for motorcycles when cornering. These dynamic non-linear characteristics were measured with specially developed new test stands. The straight-line and cornering stability of motorcycles is also influenced by the motorcycle suspensions. A measurement methodology and a suspension model were developed and the results also included in the computer simulation. The computer simulation equipped with the dynamic component characteristics were validated by road tests with the real motorcycle.

The joint project provided a methodology to develop a motorcycle with optimum levels of stability and safety. Each motorcycle component manufacturer developed a special new methodology to improve the development of these products. The future advantages for the participating partners will be reduced development costs and time and an increased flexibility in research and development.
It is proposed to develop a methodology which will use a computer simulation to optimise the straight-line and cornering stability of motorcycles. The simulation will receive data obtained using a new methodology to measure motorcycle components, i.e. types and suspensions. Straight line and cornering stability tests using a new measurement system will be used to verify the methodology. The currently available motorcycle computer simulation is based on theoretical tyre and suspension values which have no relation to real component behaviour, making it impossible to collect data on the influence of motorcycle tyres and suspensions on riding stability. As static measurements clearly produce errors, since the important dynamic aspect is not considered, dynamic measurement methodologies have to be developed and the results included in the computer simulation. The major research tasks are:

- measurement of dynamic motorcycle tyre and suspension characteristics
- computer simulation of motorcycle straight-line and cornering stability, using the results from dynamic measurement of motorcycle components
- Correlation between computer simulation and motorcycle road tests.

Successful completion should provide new methodologies of dynamic measurement of motorcycle components, i.e. tyres and suspensions, and the first computer simulation based on the real motorcycle component behaviour. In the future, development time and costs will be reduced and the technical flexibility increased.

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