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Transient Aerodynamics for Railway System Optimisation


BE95-1240 Transient Aerodynamics for Railway System Optimisation
Railway companies operating trains at very high speed meet difficult problems due to transient aerodynamics: effects of side-wind gusts on high-speed trains, forces generated during trains passing, pressure wave generation in tunnels, may hinder a smooth exploitation and generate high costs of civil engineering.

These questions involve the whole system: high-speed rolling stock, infrastructure and operating conditions. Solving these problems at European level would ensure an efficient interoperability of the future high-speed network, and allow significant reduction of civil engineering cost, especially regarding tunnel cross-sections.

Objectives of this project are the following:
- develop and validate common scientific databases and methods to study these phenomena and to design optimised solutions;
- prepare guidelines for interoperability based on these data and methods; - design and validate some solutions of wind barriers and tunnel design.
The project will rely both on experimental techniques and numerical simulation as tools for system optimisation. Full-scale tests will be realised in order to obtain reference data, but work will focus mainly on reduced scale experiments and CFD ( computational fluid dynamics ), which are more powerful and flexible.

The consortium will include following partners:

- three railways companies: DB A.G. FS S.p.A SNCF, end-users of the results, but also experts of these aerodynamic problems, will carry out a large part of experimental and CFD work, as well as the final synthesis.
- a number of research centres ( DLR, Universities of Nottingham, Dundee, L.C.D. (C.N.R.S.) I.S.W. LSTM Erlangen, EPFL ) will be associated partners, according to their specific skill and resources, in order to test concurrent or complementary methods and tools, understand and determine the limits of these different approaches and contribute to build an harmonised methodology.

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