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Development of a cost-effective manufacturing process for a multiparameter disposable sensor microsystem

Exploitable results

For mass-production of silicon based analytical systems, the deposition of membranes and bio-molecules has to be one of the last steps in the production process, because the materials are very labile or incompatible with the conditions within the silicon-chip production. Thus, depositions have to be made on completely processed and already diced wafers. We have developed a device for this process step and several methods to deposit a variety of liquid substances onto predefined structures. The special requirement is to achieve high precision and high throughput. The volumes of liquid to be deposited range from nanoliters to spot sized drops of 100 µm to 700 µm in diameter. The equipment is inline compatible with standard process equipment, enabling a scale-up of the production process. The liquids to be deposited have to be characterised prior to their implementation in the production protocol and the deposition parameters have to be adapted. Future developments in intelligent micro-systems will require such production techniques within the backend processing. Thus the field of applications is wide and cooperation is wanted. The cooperation could be a joint research project, a custom-specified production and technology licensing. Partners for further cooperation could be micro-chip producers, biochip producers, analytical and diagnostic instrument producers.