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Use Of Metal Matrix Composite Materials Heat Pipes for the Thermal Management of High Intergrated Electronic Packages


Electronic Integration companies are facing sharp thermal
management problems in the use of existing and emerging
high integrated electronic components and modules.
The heat removal capabilities of existing cooling
techniques are overtaken in two different directions:
increase of cards global dissipations (P > 100W)
increase of local heat densities (HD > 10W/cm2)

These objectives, twice higher than the current pratices,
are associated with size limitations (3 mm max thickness
of the system) and high reliability requirement (thermal
expansion mismatch limited to 3 PPM).

The proposed multidisciplinary technological development
is directed at developing an active cold plate composed
of integrated micro heat pipes through the following

I. Development of the phase change heat exchanger:
As regards this development, several steps will be
- - Design of capillary system
- - Selection of the working fluid
- - Compatibility of the components
- - Operating limits
II. Development of an advanced composite materials
cooling substrate
The objective of this task is to develop an MMC
based phase change system by finding solutions for:
- The functional requirements
- The electronic packaging requirements
- The possible manufacturing route (combine
heatpipe systems with MMC bases or integrate
heatpipes directly into MMC)
- The maunfacturing parameters
- The application specific lowable costs
III. Electronic components integration and
interconnection processes
- For each slected multilevel media, the
analysis of the assembly process will be made
and incompatibilities will be mentioned.
- The driving criterions will be coefficient of
thermal expension, the ability to be brazed or
glued and the resulting thermal resistance and hear
removal capabilities.
- Thermal simulations will be undertaken to
compute the different temperature elevation and to
compare the thermal efficiency of the differents stacks.
- The different steps of the integration
process will be defined and validated on mockups
IV. Thermomechanical performance evaluation on
technological demonstrators
The objective of the present task is to realize a
full size technological demonstrator equipped with
representative components packaged in mono and multichip
modules and to evaluate the heat transport capabilities
in telecom and avionics environment.

The complementary partnership structure is composed of
two research centers (INSA de LYON and IKE aus STUTTGART)
in charge of the heat pipe definition, ELECTROVAC (AT) as
the active cooling substrate manufacturer and NOKIA (Fl)
and SEXTANT (FR) as end users for telecommunications and
avionics equipments.

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