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Cost reduction and Quality improvement in the production of flowers and cuttings using assistive harvesting and storage techniques


The objective of the project is to provide the technology for the automation for the planting and sorting of flowers and cuttings. Key issue is that cutttings and flowers have to be fed individually to a planting or sorting machine in a well determined orientation, Most flowers and cuttings are now harvested manually and gathered in a bunch, From this bunch it is very hard to separate the individual flowers and cuttings and research and development in this field have not yet resulted in operational solutions, The approach followed in the project will be to develop a assistive harvesting device enabling the harvesters to store cuttings and flowers individually separated in a fixed position and orientation, A method will be developed for sorting the cuttings and flowers individually separated for over a period of one week, Feeding from storage to existing planting and storing machines will be established, A demonstration system showing the feasibility of the technology developed will be realised, The demonstrator system will be optimized for the handling and storage of Chrysanthemum cuttings and will comprise of a assistive harvesting device, storage containers and a machine for feeding the cutting to a planting machine, Application of the technology proposed will improve the production efficiency by 25% by reducing production costs and improving quality and enables the automation of the tedious and repetitive labour of planting cuttings or sorting flowers,

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